Copper Plating

Copper Plating

The Copper plating process is suitable for plating on steel and Zinc die-castings.

Thicknesses can be in the range of 5 microns to 75 microns, depending on the application.

Copper is normally used as an undercoat for Nickel, Silver or Tin.

Copper plating can be matte finish (dull), or a very shiny finish.

Heat Treat Stop-off

Steel parts that are to be heat-treated are sometimes copper plated to allow for subsequent “selective” heat treating. After plating (and before heat treating), one or more areas of these parts may be machined to remove the copper plating. During heat treating, the areas of the part without copper will be heat treated while the areas with sufficient copper plating will not be heat treated and will remain more ductile.

After the heat treatment process is completed, it is then quite common for any remaining copper plating to be removed (by stripping) from the steel parts.


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